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How many lockers do I need for my workplace?

Use our calculator to find out how many lockers you actually need for your office or fitout based on our data.
What is your current headcount of employees? (#)
What is your annual headcount growth? (%)
How many years left on your lease? (#)
Do you have a hot/flex desk policy?
Do you have a clean desk policy?
How will the lockers be used? 
For Out-of-office (OOO) Storage (e.g. headsets, desk peripherals, mugs, shoes), Day storage (e.g. laptop, gym bag, umbrella) or a hybrid of both.
What is your peak office occupancy percentage? (0)
What % of your employees will have Out-of-office (OOO) Storage? (0)
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Our insights and recommendations

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What is Yellowbox?

Leader in locker lock technology and software

Yellowbox is focused on providing a locker lock and software solution that is delightful to use and effortless to manage. Our locks (Hardwired or Wireless) can be applied to any locker, to create a Yellowbox smart locker system.

Yellowbox Wireless and Hardwired Locks
Trusted by tier one clients

We work with leading workplaces, from Fortune 500 companies, universities and global multinationals. We integrate with their workplace environments and provide a globally scalable and managed system.

Seamless locker access and automated management

Self-serve access through swipe card, touchscreen or mobile phone. Automated user onboarding, allocation of lockers and user instructions. 24/7 user and management support, average <5 minute response time.

Yellowbox Smart Locker System at RMH

Let's create a flexible, future ready space together

Find out how you can save hours of amenity management time and provide a greater experience for users.
Yellowbox Smart Locker System with Touchscreen and Swipe Card access