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Designing the flexible workplace

The most integrated locker lock system fit for the modern workplace.
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All about a seamless experience

Access Methods - Mobile Phone, Touchscreen, Reader
Yellowbox Dashboard
Yellowbox Wireless Lock YB-002
Flexibility to access locker through phone, RFID or Touchscreen. Self-serve with 24/7 support, no middleman required.
No administration of keys or codes. Automated onboarding/offboarding. Analytics and visibility of usage.
Locks don’t require onsite servers. Choice of wireless (battery) or wired (power). Installed onto any locker.

Fit for all uses

Your all-in-one smart system, customised to fit client needs.
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Public Use
Public Spaces
End of Trip
End of Trip
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    Permanent or temporary modes
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    Flexible access (App, RFID Card, Touchscreen)
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    Automated onboarding/offboarding
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    Analytics and SSO Integration
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We understand you may be short on time. So we've developed a short demo video with key features and recent innovations of the Yellowbox locker system. We'll send it straight to your email.

Wireless Smart Lock.

Easy to install or retrofit onto any locker. No onsite servers nor network connection required.
Model: YB-002
Power Supply: 4 x AA Batteries
Working Temperature: -20°C ~ +65°C
Working Humidity: 10% - 90%RH
Battery Lifetime: Up to 5 years
Compliance: FCC, CE, RoHS, RCM, ISED
Warranty: 1 year
Key Pad: H 65 x W 60 x D 13.5mm
Body: H 90 x W 100 x D 30mm
Striker: H 80 x W 48 x D 21.5mm
Yellowbox Wireless Lock YB-002

Wired Smart Lock.

Same system, simple install. No battery replacements.
Model: YB-101
Power Supply: 220-240v GPO
Working Temperature: -40°C ~ +75°C
Working Humidity: 5% - 95%RH
Anti-Force Performance: 350kgF
Compliance: FCC, CE, RoHS, RCM, ISED
Warranty: 1 year
Body: H 100 x W 133 x D 18mm
Striker: H 20 x W 34.5 x D 25mm
Yellowbox Wired Lock

Frequently Asked Questions

Yellowbox works with a range of local locker manufacturers, who facilitate the installation of lockers with the Yellowbox smart locker system.
Lead Time
Yellowbox has a lead time of 2-4 weeks on locks, although is dependent on the manufacture, transportation and installation of lockers (typically 4-6 weeks).
IP Rating and Warranty
Yellowbox locks have a water resistant IP64 rating and a standard 1 year warranty on smart locks.
Yellowbox Smart Locker System with Multiple access options

Let's create a flexible, future ready space together

Find out how you can save hours of amenity management time and provide a greater experience for users.
Yellowbox Smart Locker System with Touchscreen and Swipe Card access