Locker Retrofitting: Quick and Simple Way of Modernising Your Space

It can be challenging to decide on whether to get new lockers. The installation process can be frustrating, and there’s a budget to consider. One question to ask yourself is why do existing lockers not work for you. If the answer is in their size or they’re worn out, then you should probably consider getting new lockers.

However, if the issue is in the lock, then there’s a more sustainable option - retrofit.

You can combine your existing lockers with a smart lock system in a matter of minutes. The old lock is removed, and the new one comes in its place. The battery-operated smart locks work best since there are no wires, making for easy and quick installation.

Why retrofit?

1. Make locker usage a better experience for your users. Having a smart lock that is app-open or pincode can alleviate the frustrations of handling keys or cards.

2. Managing lockers becomes a seamless process with the real-time usage visibility function.

3. You can create a smart and modern environment for your space by implementing these simple changes.

Retrofit vs purchasing new lockers

Retrofitting is both sustainable and cost-effective. If you’re satisfied with the lockers you have, you can save time and money by just replacing the old locks with smart locks.

The installation process is also much quicker and easier. Depending on the number of lockers installed, you can have them transformed in anywhere from a few minutes up to a few hours.

Compared to possible days of installing new lockers, the difference is significant.

Yellowbox smart locker system is perfect for retrofitting. The wireless smart lock is compatible with any locker door, and the many software features are sure to transform your space.