Smart Locker System for Workplaces: A Comprehensive Implementation Guide

When considering a modern workplace fitout, the inclusion of a smart locker system can be a game-changer in how employees interact with their environment. Smart lockers, like those provided by Yellowbox, offer a secure, flexible, and efficient way to manage personal storage and streamline office operations. In this guide, we will explore the practical steps to successfully implement a Yellowbox smart locker system in your workplace, enhancing functionality and embracing the future of office design.

1. Assessing Needs

Start by analysing your company's storage requirements. Evaluate the number of employees per floor, their locker usage patterns, and the average daily presence in the office. Consulting with a Yellowbox expert can help determine the optimal locker-to-employee ratio, ensuring your workplace is equipped with the right number of lockers without wasting valuable floor space or resources.

2. Future Proofing

Anticipate the future demands of your workplace. Consider potential changes, such as a transition from RFID swipe cards to mobile access, a shift towards hot-desking, or new processes for IT equipment exchanges. A flexible locker system that can adapt to these changes will serve your company well in the long term.

3. Design and Location

Collaborate with an interior designer to identify the most suitable locations and design for the lockers. They can help integrate the lockers into the overall design of your workplace, maintaining aesthetics and functionality. The Yellowbox lock system (Wireless and Hardwired) is versatile and can be fitted into any custom joinery, ensuring they blend seamlessly into your office layout.

4. System Integration

Yellowbox will work with your IT team to integrate the locker system with your existing building security and authentication protocols. Yellowbox's compatibility with various systems, including RFID access cards, SSO logins (such as Microsoft and Okta), and workplace apps, ensures a smooth and secure user experience whilst automating user onboarding and offboarding.

5. Physical Installation

Using the designers specifications, the builder will source and install the lockers with your specified locker lock system.

6. Training

Yellowbox will train your workplace team and facilities management on the operation of the locker system. Decide the purpose of different lockers—whether they're for permanent use, temporary storage, visitor access, team use, parcel collection, or goods exchange—and establish clear guidelines.

7. Day 1 Onboarding and Staff Communications

Day 1 onboarding can be as simple as staff swiping their access cards and choosing a locker. For allocated lockers, there needs to be communication around what locker they have been allocated and how it works. Thankfully, this can be automated with Yellowbox, sending an email with instructions to relevant employees.

8. Monitor and Adapt

With Yellowbox's advanced management dashboard, monitor locker usage patterns and adapt accordingly. The system detects hoarding / camping behaviour, enabling administrators to manage locker allocations effectively. Additionally, it can maintain a waitlist for employees seeking permanent lockers, ensuring fair and efficient distribution.

By meticulously planning each step, you can ensure the Yellowbox smart locker system not only meets the current needs of your workplace but is also capable of adapting to future changes, thereby making it a valuable long-term enabler of your workplace goals.