Smart Lockers unlocked by RFID Access Cards

RFID ‘Swipe’ Cards that provide users with authentication into a workplace, venue or building can be used to also unlock a locker. By simply tapping the same card on a reader within the locker system, the user can be authenticated and unlock their existing (or new) locker.

This method of access provides a seamless experience for new and existing employees with a seamless method to unlock their locker door and an automated onboarding process for management.

The Yellowbox Smart Locker System provides integrations with RFID Access Cards to allow for users to unlock their locker using their existing swipe card. It also allows management to seamlessly onboard new users and assign lockers to them. Using the management dashboard, management can adjust the settings of the system at any time e.g., day/week/permanent use.

Find our more about an RFID enabled smart locker system here and contact Yellowbox to talk to an expert.