Smart Lockers with Integrated Workplace Management Systems

Integrated Workplace Management Systems are software platforms that are used by IT, facilities management, and real estate professionals to help organisations optimise the use of the space and provide a better employee experience.

From an employee perspective, IWMS can be used to book desks, meeting rooms, way-find and keep up to date with workplace resources. They have become a key component of how employees interact with the physical workplace. Smart lockers have become a critical enabler of hybrid and flexible working environments, in providing the homebase for employees need without a permanent desk.

The Yellowbox Smart locker system provides integrations with Integrated Workplace Management Systems such as Serraview Engage (iOFFICE + SpaceIQ) to provide employees with the added ability to book, open and manage their personal storage locker within their existing IWMS app. This provides a seamless experience and journey for employees when planning their day within the office.

The settings on the lockers can be adjusted all through the Yellowbox Management Dashboard. For example, locker bookings can be set to permanent (never ending) or set to end at a certain time (e.g. at 12am each night or after 24 hours). Ratios between permanent and on-demand lockers can also be set in line with occupancy or utilisation rates.

The Yellowbox smart locker system integrates seamlessly within the existing and future workplace environment, with integrations with Identity Synchronisation software (SSO), RFID access cards and Integrated Workplace Management Systems.

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