University of New South Wales


At the University of New South Wales (UNSW), a premier institution recognised for its innovative approach to education, there is a continuous pursuit to enhance campus life for students, faculty, and visitors. In alignment with UNSW's dedication to modernity and convenience, the university sought to introduce a service that not only meets the technological demands of the current times but also provides an essential amenity that complements the dynamic campus lifestyle.


Yellowbox smart lockers were introduced at UNSW, delivering a cutting-edge amenity that distinguishes the university from others. This solution offers:

  • On-demand Self-serve Access: Allowing users to operate the lockers seamlessly via an app, facilitating a hands-off approach for campus staff.
  • Multiple Sizes for Varied Needs: From securing small personal items to larger academic materials, there's a locker size to fit every requirement.
  • Round-the-clock Support: Ensuring help is always available for both locker users and administrators, at any hour.
  • App-free Accessibility: Users can set a PIN code to access lockers without needing the app, providing an alternative for those who prefer it.
  • Management Oversight: A dedicated app and dashboard for campus staff to manage and monitor the utilisation of the lockers.

Implementing Yellowbox's smart locker system at UNSW endowed the campus with a distinctive, app-controlled amenity. It offers an intuitive locker booking experience with 24/7 support and is further enhanced by a staff management dashboard for comprehensive oversight.