Fortune 100 Company Enhances Workplace Experience with Yellowbox

Yellowbox, a leading provider of smart locker solutions, recently installed its smart locker system within the Australian offices of a Fortune 100 company.

The installation was part of a workplace transformation project, where Yellowbox provided their smart locker locks and software in combination with Planex’s adaptive storage lockers to create a seamless locker access and management experience.

The Global Fortune 100 company, operates across over 29 countries and has multiple offices in Australia. They were looking for a leading system that would provide peace of mind to employees and that could be flexible to adapt with the changing workplace.

With the installation of the Yellowbox smart locker system, employees of the Fortune 100 Company can now store their personal items seamlessly when they need, allowing them to focus on their work without worrying about the safety of their belongings.

The Yellowbox smart locker system utilises advanced technology within their smart locker locks and software, to ensure that users have multiple locker access options (app, card, keypad), users can self-book and manage their locker without a middleman, and management can customise the settings of the system and track the status of each locker.

The system is designed around usability for employees, who can open their locker with the tap of a button on their phone, swipe of a card or set a personal keypad code. The system is also built to remove administrative activities for management, with facilities and reception employees provided with a management app and dashboard to monitor locker usage and easily reallocate lockers.

Overall, the installation of the Yellowbox smart locker system within the offices of the Fortune 100 Company is a reflection of how leading workspaces are leveraging smart locker systems to provide a flexible and seamless experience for employees.

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