Yellowbox powers APA’s New Perth Office Smart Lockers

Yellowbox completed the installation of the Yellowbox smart locker system onto over 300 lockers within APA Group’s Corporate Perth Office. 

APA Group is Australia's leading gas transportation company (ASX Listed) with interests in over 15,000 kms of natural gas pipeline infrastructure across Australia, including wind farms, gas-fired power generation and gas storage facilities.

APA’s movement towards a smarter workplace experience for staff, included several leading smart building technologies. One of the key components of workplace experience are the staff lockers.

Yellowbox provided a system aligned to APA’s objectives, to integrate leading user experience focused technology into the workplace. The system provided flexibility and extension options to support APA's current and future agile work environments.

The system has created a seamless experience for staff, with multiple ways for staff to access their locker. From tapping their existing access card, using their mobile phone or inputting their own 4-digit code.

As a technology-focused locker system, Yellowbox integrated seamlessly within APA's existing environment. Yellowbox provided an RFID access card integration to streamline user experience and allow staff to open their locker by tapping their existing access card. Yellowbox’s identity synchronisation integration also allowed staff to login to the Yellowbox applications with their existing Active Directory login. 

Staff are now able to seamlessly switch between using their card, and their mobile phone to access the same locker, under a unified identity.

Flexibility was at the forefront for staff, with the choice of temporary, permanent and shared-use lockers, fit for today’s dynamic work environment. This means all staff can have access to either their permanent locker or a day locker when they are in the office.

The Yellowbox wireless system removed all complexity within the installation process, having the flexibility to be installed onto existing joinery.

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