From Smart to Smarter: Fortune 500 company replaces existing smart locker locks with Yellowbox

The modern workplace is evolving rapidly, with organisations constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline operations, and improve the workplace experience. Smart lockers have been around for decades, providing workplaces with a seamless locker access experience to store their belongings. Along with most workplace technology, smart locker systems have continued to evolve and improve, leveraging advancements in cloud, integrations and engineering. Yellowbox, a leading provider of cutting-edge smart locker systems, recently retrofitted an existing electronic locking system for a Fortune 500 Company’s Sydney and Melbourne offices, with the Yellowbox smart locker system, delivering a seamless experience to the client and its employees.

The Challenge

The Fortune 500 Company had installed the electronic locking system with their lockers half a decade ago. The system was a server-based solution, running on legacy software which could not be updated. The company needed a modern solution that could keep up with the advances in locker management software.

The Solution: Yellowbox Smart Locker Lock System

Understanding the challenges faced by the client, Yellowbox were able to provide a seamless solution. They replaced and retrofitted the existing locker system with the advanced Yellowbox wireless smart locker lock system, offering a myriad of benefits:

  1. 24/7 Support and Cloud-based with Continuous Updates: The Yellowbox smart locker system is cloud-based, which means clients automatically get access to Yellowbox’s monthly product updates. Yellowbox’s 24/7 support ensures they are always in tune with the problems clients and employees are facing, which informs future updates.
  2. User-friendly Interface: Yellowbox's smart locker system features an intuitive interface that allows users to access lockers with ease. Employees can now use their smartphones or RFID keycards to unlock their designated locker, streamlining the process and providing flexibility to employees.
  3. Automated Onboarding: The previous electronic locking system required management to manually set up each employee’s keycard one by one. With Yellowbox's system, facility managers can onboard all employees automatically with the SSO integration and auto-allocate lockers and/or allow employees to self-book their locker with their RFID keycard or app.
  4. Enhanced Security: The Yellowbox system employs robust encryption and secure communication protocols, ensuring that user data and access credentials remain protected from potential security breaches.
  5. Easy Integration: Yellowbox's smart locker lock system seamlessly integrates with existing building access control systems, simplifying implementation and minimising disruption to the workplace.

The Result

The transition to Yellowbox's smart locker lock system has resulted in significant improvements for the client's Sydney and Melbourne offices. Employees now enjoy a user-friendly, secure, and intuitive locker experience, while facility managers benefit from streamlined locker management and insightful analytics. But most of all, the client can rest assured knowing their locker system will always remain at the cutting-edge, with continuous updates and support from Yellowbox. This successful collaboration between Yellowbox and the client highlights the transformative impact of innovative solutions on the modern workplace.

Find out more about Yellowbox's smart locker system here or request a short demo video.