Yellowbox Stories: Meet Ashwin

Welcome to the first entry in our series about real people’s experience with Yellowbox smart-lockers. In this series of personal stories, we’ll be looking at how people in the modern workspace interact with Yellowboxes. Let’s meet Ashwin, an employee at Arcadis, where Yellowbox has retrofitted the old key-based lockers to smart lockers.

Hi I'm Ashwin, a structural engineer of 4 years at Arcadis. I usually use Yellowbox at the end of the day to keep my work laptop at the office overnight. This way I come in the next morning knowing that it’s safe. I can also leave it behind if I’m going for a meeting at a client’s office.

"With Yellowbox the middleman is gone. It’s only you and your phone."

The way it worked before is if you want to have a locker you must first go to the receptionist and ask for a key. Then you have to keep hold of the key to open and close it. And now with Yellowbox the middleman is gone now and it’s only you and your phone. I just download the app and sign in using my work email address, and then I can hire a locker for a day.

We have more than enough lockers here, a lot of which aren't necessary. Yellowbox let us know that for the demand you have, only a certain amount of lockers are enough if you share them. This is a flexible workspace so with the help of data you can pretty much modify your office and find hotspots of where the most activity is taking place. Then in the long term you can make sure that the spread matches demand.

For me there are a lot of benefits to the Yellowbox system. For one, my work gets easier as I can focus on my job. And the fact that if I’m going for a client meeting in a different office I can just quickly store my things. Also if there are any important physical documents I can put it in a locker and through the app give someone else the permission to take it from the locker.