APA Darwin

In Darwin, APA Group stands out as a beacon in the realm of gas transportation, boasting interests in an extensive range of natural gas pipeline infrastructure across Australia, inclusive of facilities such as wind farms, gas storage, and gas-fired power generation. A significant stride in their journey towards creating an advanced workplace experience in Darwin involved the introduction of state-of-the-art smart building technologies. At the heart of this evolution were the staff lockers.

For the Darwin office, APA Group had a distinct set of technological prerequisites. These encompassed:

  • The implementation of electronic locking systems for each locker, synergising with mobile-supported HID access control readers.
  • The deployment of a cloud-driven software locker management system that would communicate seamlessly with each individual locking device.
  • A varied array of locker reservation types, namely: Allocated, Temporary, and Shared.
  • Comprehensive integration with Darwin tenancy access controls and security access cards, combined with user imports via API or CSV files.

Yellowbox fulfilled all stipulated Solution Design, Hardware, Software, System Integration, and Network Interface demands set by the Darwin project tender. In doing so, it ensured a frictionless and contemporary locker experience for the Darwin APA Group staff, aptly reflecting the needs of the modern-day workspace.