Ascott Hotel's Lyf Collingwood, part of the renowned Ascott Hotel chain, is a modern establishment catering to both leisure and business travelers. Positioned in a vibrant neighbourhood and resonating with the contemporary needs of today's travellers, Lyf Collingwood aims to offer services that elevate guest experience and meet the digital age's demands.


Yellowbox smart lockers provided Ascott's Lyf Collingwood Hotel with a key amenity that sets the hotel apart from others.

  • On-demand self-serve use for guests through the app (hands-off for staff).
  • Ability to choose from multiple sizes, e.g. luggage size.
  • 24/7 support for both users and admins.
  • Set PIN code on locker to open without the app.
  • Management App and Dashboard for staff to manage and monitor the lockers in use.
  • Lockers manufactured by Planex.

Yellowbox's smart locker system equipped Ascott's Lyf Collingwood Hotel with a distinctive, app-controlled amenity offering guests an intuitive locker booking experience and 24/7 support, complemented by a management dashboard for staff oversight.