Randwick City Council


Randwick City Council, overseeing a bustling region of Sydney's eastern suburbs, has continually been proactive in enhancing the amenities and services provided to its residents and visitors. With a plethora of beaches, leisure centres, and official council premises, there is an ever-increasing demand to offer secure, efficient, and user-friendly storage solutions.

  1. Beaches: Randwick boasts some of Sydney's most popular beaches. A smart locker system at these locations would provide beachgoers with a safe place to store their belongings, allowing them to enjoy the waves and sun without worry. This would particularly benefit tourists who might carry valuable items.
  2. Leisure Centers: Leisure centres typically see visitors come in with personal belongings, gym equipment, or items they don't want to carry around while they engage in activities. Providing a secure and easy-to-use locker system would enhance their overall experience.


Yellowbox was able to provide a flexible smart locker system fit, installing new and retrofitting the lock system at Coogee Beach, Maroubra Beach and the Des Renford Leisure Centre.

  • On-demand, self-serve smart locker system through app.
  • Users able to book and open their locker through Yellowbox app for all locations around Randwick City Council.
  • Set PIN code to open lockers without app (store your phone).
  • 24/7 support for users and managers of each location.
  • Retrofitting the existing digital locks at Coogee Beach with the Wireless Yellowbox smart lock.
  • Management app to allow staff to monitor and manage the locker system.