State Library of New South Wales

Yellowbox completed the installation of 348 smart lockers at the State Library of NSW, after competing in a public tender.

Yellowbox is a technology company that has built an innovative locker system that is accessed through an app. The app allows users to find and open an available locker near them with the touch of a button. It is also the first smart locker system to not require any wires and external power.

This solution proved to be market leading, having replaced the previous locker system that had been active for over five years.

Users of the new cashless and digital system have rejoiced, appreciative of the fact they won't need to scavenge for coins or hang onto a paper ticket anymore. For those without mobile phones, a simple self-serve window allows for bookings.

Although what users see only scratches the surface. Yellowbox provided an integration with the membership system, allowing library card holders to input their details in the app and gain free locker use. The State Library could also monitor real-time and historical usage, with an analytics dashboard.

Yellowbox within the Mitchell Building, Lockers by Planex

The lockers themselves were produced in Australia by award winning furniture designer and manufacturer, Planex. The perforations represent the patterns, lines, colours and texture of the Australian landscape, and are an original design by First Nations designer Lucy Simpson.

Library visitors have been quick to familiarise themselves with the new Yellowbox locker system,  as within the first three months since installation, the lockers have already been used over 7,700 times.