Findex Sydney

The Yellowbox smart locker system was recently introduced to Findex's Sydney Office, offering employees a self-accessible and flexible storage solution while they are in the office. Findex, renowned as one of Australasia’s top financial advisory and accounting service providers, boasts a workforce of over 3000+ staff. The Sydney office required a locker system that was not only user-friendly but also synergised well with the existing flexible workspace dynamics.

Integrated seamlessly into Findex's current workplace setup in Sydney, the Yellowbox locker system liaises with their security protocols, including the use of RFID Cards and the active directory. This allows every Findex employee in Sydney to conveniently book and unlock a locker for the day by merely tapping their building access card onto the locker bank. Additionally, the option to log into the Yellowbox App using their established SSO login means employees can also unlock their chosen locker via their smartphones.

Designed with adaptability in mind, the Yellowbox system can be set to various rules. One notable configuration in the Sydney setup ensures all bookings terminate at day's end, a strategic measure to prevent locker monopolisation and guarantee availability for everyone at the commencement of each working day.

The Yellowbox system's self-serve design has gifted the Sydney facilities management team with reduced administrative burdens. It streamlines the onboarding process of employees by automatically integrating their access cards.

The lockers, which have now become an essential part of Findex's Sydney office environment, were crafted by Planex, a celebrated furniture design and manufacturing company from Melbourne.