Greystar is a global real estate company specialising in investment management, development, and the management of rental housing properties. Operating across multiple countries, Greystar is recognised for its comprehensive and vertically integrated platform, as well as its focus on the resident experience.

The US company was looking for a smart locker system for their offices in Boston, with the goal to create a seamless locker access and management experience.


Yellowbox supplied a top-tier smart locker system suitable for both today's and future work settings. In essence, a system that's effortless to use, oversee, and set up.

  • Multiple access methods, including app and PIN code.
  • Self-serve process with 9/10 user experience rating.
  • Intuitive onsite management app and web dashboard.
  • Multiple booking types incl. permanent, overnight, day, team.
  • Physically flexible with wireless, off-network and no servers.

The system has delivered a smooth experience for both staff and management, suitable for the contemporary, ever-evolving workplace.