Hames Sharley


Hames Sharley is a leading national design practice with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Hames Sharley projects originate from a wealth of research and knowledge from 40 years’ experience and collective expertise in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design and planning.

The Hames Sharley team designed their own Melbourne office and included the leading Yellowbox locker system.


Yellowbox has provided a smart locker system, that met Hames Sharley's needs:

  • Self-serve locker booking and access.
  • Multiple access methods: RFID Swipe Card and PIN code on kiosk.
  • The Yellowbox system removed all key/code management and onboarding requirements.

Lockers were designed and manufactured by Planex.

50 hours saved each year in administration time compared to traditional locks, through automations, support and self-serve access.