Liberty Speciality Markets Melbourne

In Melbourne, Liberty Specialty Markets, an arm of the esteemed Liberty Mutual Insurance Group — a powerhouse in the Global Fortune 500 list — sought to redefine its workplace. With a presence in over 29 countries and multiple Australian locales, their Melbourne office needed a state-of-the-art system offering both adaptability and assurance to its employees amidst an ever-evolving work environment.

The transformation journey in Melbourne saw the union of Yellowbox's advanced smart locker technology and Planex’s adaptive storage solutions, together forging an impeccable locker access and administrative experience.

For Melbourne's Liberty Specialty Markets, Yellowbox pioneered a locker system that isn't just tailored for today but anticipates the future of the corporate milieu. The resultant system boasted:

  • Effortless integration into the Melbourne office environment, providing both adaptability and cohesiveness.
  • Versatile access avenues, ranging from traditional swipe cards to modern mobile applications.
  • A user-centric, self-serve protocol that received an impressive 9/10 user experience score.
  • An intuitive management interface accessible both via onsite applications and a comprehensive web dashboard.
  • A range of booking options catering to varied needs, including permanent, overnight, day, and team-based reservations.
  • Physical adaptability, accommodating both wireless and wired lock configurations, eliminating the need for on-premises servers.
  • Seamless compatibility with SSO active directories, security access cards, or proprietary company applications.

All in all, for Liberty Specialty Markets in Melbourne, Yellowbox did more than just provide a solution; it crafted an experience.