Sunshine Coast City Hall


Sunshine Coast City Hall, comprising 10-stories, approximately 12,000m² of floor space, a 156-space car park, 96 bicycle spaces and 758 smart lockers.

The Regional PCA “A” premium grade commercial building was designed to reflect three key design aspects: modern, functional and sustainable.

The landmark building was built to deliver innovative workplaces for the council, which included key smart building solutions such as Yellowbox.


Yellowbox provided an integrated system centred around usability and ease of use for both users and management. Key elements included:

  • Building swipe card access for users to open their locker, through RFID card integration.
  • Allowing staff to use existing work login and open locker through mobile phone, through Okta integration.
  • Automated onboarding and offboarding through a web dashboard and Integriti security system integration.
  • 24/7 support for both users and management.
  • Yellowbox's leading wireless smart lock.
  • Off-network cloud-based software locker management system without onsite servers.

Sunshine Coast Council has since rolled out the Yellowbox smart locker system to additional floors of the landmark building.

896 hours saved each year in administration time compared to traditional locks, through automations, support and self-serve access.