Youfoodz is an Australian company known for delivering fresh, chef-prepared meals directly to customers. Their offerings typically include a variety of meals catering to different dietary preferences and needs, making healthy eating more accessible and convenient for many.

The ASX listed company required lockers for their facilities, providing employees with short-term storage for their belongings. They needed a system that would allow staff to get access to a locker for a certain period of time, which was self-serve and easy to manage.


Yellowbox addressed Youfoodz needs by offering a smart locker system that enabled employees to self-serve and access short-term storage for their belongings, complete with easy management and time-restricted access features.

  • Automated ending of locker bookings, allowing the lockers to be used efficiently for all employees.
  • Allowing staff to use existing work login and open locker through mobile phone, through SSO integration.
  • Seamless integration with existing RFID Cards, allowing staff to use their existing cards to book and unlock their locker.
  • Automated onboarding and offboarding through a web dashboard.

Users now have a seamless experience using their locker, through their access card and app, whilst management have a secure, automated, hands-off solution to storage.

395 hours saved each year in administration time compared to traditional locks, through automations, support and self-serve access.